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Coho is a script that contains commands that make it easier to work with Cordova's many repositories.


  • Have node installed
  • Must have git setup
  • Must install node dependencies via npm install

If you get the error: Error: Cannot find module 'optimist' then you haven't run npm install yet.

Suggested way to install node is to use nvm:

curl | sh
source ~/.bash_profile
nvm install 0.10
nvm alias default 0.10

Getting Coho

mkdir cordova && cd cordova && git clone


./coho --help


./cordova-coho/coho repo-clone -r plugins -r mobile-spec -r android -r ios -r cli

./cordova-coho/coho repo-update -r auto

./cordova-coho/coho foreach -r plugins "git checkout master"

./cordova-coho/coho foreach -r plugins "git clean -fd"

./cordova-coho/coho list-repos

./cordova-coho/coho last-week --me