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IMPORTANT NOTE: This is a fork from mail-listener-2

MAIN CHANGES: The main change is to prevent that the same email is processed multiple times, this only happens when inbox is being filled up at the same time as messages are being processed.

The use of this package is the same as mail-listener-2,


Mail-listener2 library for node.js. Get notification when new email arrived to inbox or when message metadata (e.g. flags) changes externally. Uses IMAP protocol.

We are using these libraries: node-imap, mailparser.

Heavily inspired by mail-listener.



npm install xs-mail-listener

JavaScript Code:

var MailListener = require("mail-listener2");
var mailListener = new MailListener({
  username: "imap-username",
  password: "imap-password",
  host: "imap-host",
  port: 993, // imap port 
  tls: true,
  connTimeout: 10000, // Default by node-imap 
  authTimeout: 5000, // Default by node-imap, 
  debug: console.log, // Or your custom function with only one incoming argument. Default: null 
  tlsOptions: { rejectUnauthorized: false },
  mailbox: "INBOX", // mailbox to monitor 
  searchFilter: ["UNSEEN", "FLAGGED"], // the search filter being used after an IDLE notification has been retrieved 
  markSeen: true, // all fetched email willbe marked as seen and not fetched next time 
  fetchUnreadOnStart: true, // use it only if you want to get all unread email on lib start. Default is `false`, 
  mailParserOptions: {streamAttachments: true}, // options to be passed to mailParser lib. 
  attachments: true, // download attachments as they are encountered to the project directory 
  attachmentOptions: { directory: "attachments/" } // specify a download directory for attachments 
mailListener.start(); // start listening 
// stop listening 
mailListener.on("server:connected", function(){
mailListener.on("server:disconnected", function(){
mailListener.on("error", function(err){
mailListener.on("mail", function(mail, seqno, attributes){
  // do something with mail object including attachments 
  console.log("emailParsed", mail);
  // mail processing code goes here 
mailListener.on("attachment", function(attachment){
// it's possible to access imap object from node-imap library for performing additional actions. E.x. 
mailListener.imap.move(:msguids, :mailboxes, function(){})

That's easy!


Attachments can be streamed or buffered. This feature is based on how mailparser handles attachments. Setting attachments: true will download attachments as buffer objects by default to the project directory. A specific download directory may be specified by setting attachmentOptions: { directory: "attachments/"}. Attachments may also be streamed using attachmentOptions: { stream: "true"}. The "attachment" event will be fired every time an attachment is encountered. Refer to the mailparser docs for specifics on how to stream attachments.