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An XMLTV format reader based on sax. Cloned from LionelMartin original parser.


npm install xmltv

Getting Started

The module expoeses an XMLTV format parser class. This class is a writable stream so you can just pipe XMLTV data to it:

var xmltv = require('xmltv');
var fs = require('fs');
var input = fs.createReadStream('tvguide.xml');
var parser = new xmltv.Parser();

It then emits an event for each programme information it parses.

parser.on('programme', function (programme) {
    // Do whatever you want with the programme

It also emits an end event when it finishes reading the XML.


This is the main parser class. When creating it you can pass an optional options object with the following parameters:

  • timeFmt (String) - Time format to use to parse the start and end dates for each programme. Any format that moment accepts is valid. Default is the standard XMLTV format: YYYYMMDDHHmmss Z (e.g: 20150603025000 +0200).
  • strictTime (Boolean) - Whether the dates shoule be parsed in moment's strict mode or loosly.

So you can also declare it like so:

var parser = new xmltv.Parser({ timeFmt: 'YYYYMMDD', strictTime: false });

The parser has the following attributes:

  • xmlParser - The underlying sax.Parser object. Everything written to the parser is piped to it.
  • parseDate(date) - A small helper method to parse date attributes from the standard XMLTV format - YYYYMMDDHHmmss Z (e.g: 20150603025000 +0200).

It emits the following events:

  • programme - The parsed programme record. Argument is the xmltv.Programme.
  • error - Emits when an error is encountered while parsing the XML. Argument is the Error object.
  • end - When the parser is done.


This is the object emitted in each programme event. It has the following attributes:

  • channel (String) - Channel id
  • start (Date) - When will the programme be broadcast
  • end (Date) - Programme's end time
  • title (Array[String]) - Programme's titles. According to the DTD at least a single title must be present. However, the parser doesn't validate this
  • secondaryTitle (Array[String]) - Programme's secondary titles. This is usually the episode title.
  • desc (Array[String]) - Programme's descriptions
  • length (Number) - Length of the programme in seconds
  • category (Array[String]) - Programme's categories
  • country (Array[String]) - Programme's countries
  • rating (Array[Object]) - Array of programme's age ratings. Each rating has a system and value attributes. Where the system can be something like MPAA.
  • episodeNum (Array[Object]) - Programme episode number. Each item has a system and value attributes.

For example the following XMLTV programme:

<programme start="20150603135000 +0200" stop="20150603143000 +0200" channel="3sat.de">
  <title lang="de">Die Rückkehr bedrohter Tierarten</title>
  <sub-title lang="de">Der Rosaflamingo</sub-title>
  <desc lang="de">Zum Nisten benötigt der europäische Rosaflamingo Brackwasser und kleine, unberührte Inseln.</desc>
    <producer>Laurent Charbonnier</producer>
  <category lang="en">series</category>
  <category lang="en">Documentary</category>
  <episode-num system="xmltv_ns">0.4.0/3</episode-num>
  <length units="minutes">27</length>

Will create a JS object that looks like this JSON:

    "channel": "3sat.de",
    "start": "2015-06-03T11:50:00.000Z",
    "end": "2015-06-03T12:30:00.000Z",
    "title":  ["Die Rückkehr bedrohter Tierarten"],
    "desc": ["Zum Nisten benötigt der europäische Rosaflamingo Brackwasser und kleine, unberührte Inseln."],
    "category": ["series", "Documentary"],
    "episodeNum": [ { "system": "xmltv_ns", "value": "0.4.0/3" }],
    "length": 1620,
    "country": ["EU"],
    "rating": []

The programme object has a few methods for additional parsing:


If this method receives an episodeNumber in the xmltv_ns format it will parse the season from it. Otherwise it will look for the season in the programme's episodeNum attribute. The returned value is either null if no value could be parsed or the season's number.

If you had the Programme object from the above parsing, running getSeason() will return: 1. For more information about the xmltv_ns format check the xmltv dtd.

Missing stuff

The following are attributes covered in the xmltv dtd that the module currently doesn't parse:

  • credits - List of crew members
  • subtitles - Information about the subtitle's language
  • date - Programme air date
  • star-rating - Review ratings
  • icon
  • url
  • video - Quality, resolution and additional details about the video
  • audio - Quality and additional technical details about the audio
  • previously-shown
  • premiere
  • last-chance - This is the last time the programme is being screened
  • new - First broadcast of a completly new show
  • review - Critic reviews



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