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NPM version

xml2orm reads database schema XML file and build ORM model available for Node.js.

Installing globally:

npm install xml2orm -g

That's it. You need npm to be installed before running the command above.

Node.js ORM library:

xml2orm builds models for npm package ORM.

DBMS Support by ORM

  • MySQL
  • PostgreSQL
  • Amazon Redshift
  • SQLite
  • MongoDB (beta, missing aggregation for now)


xml2orm dumped_schema.xml output_directory_path [options]

Command Parameters:

dumped_schema.xml : Schema XML file to be parsed.

output_directory_path : Directory path where you want to store the exported ORM model JavaScript files.

Available Options:

-h or --help Displays a list of commands and exits.

How to get dumped schema XML file?


mysqldump command can export schema XML file:

mysqldump --xml --all-databases --no-data > dumped_schema.xml