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    This is a library that converts between XML and JavaScript objects. The conversion is not necessarily lossless but it is very convenient.

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    The code is all contained within the x2js.js file, so you can include it directly via a script tag. It will create window.X2JS, which is a constructor that can be used to create instances of the converter, providing an optional configuration object.

    In a Node app, require("x2js") will give you the constructor that you can use the same way.

    Loading via AMD-capable loaders (e.g. require.js) is also supported and works equivalently.

    The xmldom package is a dependency but it is only used under Node, as in browsers the browser DOM is used.

    Quick start

    var x2js = new X2JS();
    var document = x2js.xml2js(xml);
    var xml = x2js.js2xml(document);

    See the type definitions within x2js.d.ts for information about what configuration options you can pass.

    Automated tests

    A set of QUnit test cases are part of the project and act as the primary usage examples.

    Run karma start --single run to test with Chrome, Firefox and IE. Run node_modules\.bin\qunit-cli all_tests.js to test with the Node runtime. Run npm test to execute both sets of tests.

    Travis CI uses npm travistest to run tests using Firefox via Karma and Node.


    Contributions are welcome! To ensure speedy merges, please:

    • base any pull requests on the development branch.
    • ensure that the code passes ESLint validation with the included ruleset.


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