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    Wux Weapp Snippets

    Wux Weapp Snippets Plugin for Sublime Text 2/3.


    Install the Wux Weapp Snippets package via Sublime's Package Manager

    You will need the Sublime Package Manager.

    • Open the command palette: ⌘+shift+p on MacOS/Linux, ctrl+shift+p on Windows

    • type install, select Package Control: Install Package

    • type Wux Weapp, select Wux Weapp Snippets

    Available Snippets


    Snippet Component Description
    w-animation-group wux-animation-group AnimationGroup
    w-button wux-button Button
    w-icon wux-icon Icon
    w-icon:logos wux-icon Icon
    w-grids wux-grids Grids
    w-grid wux-grid Grid
    w-row wux-row Row
    w-col wux-col Col
    w-white-space wux-white-space WhiteSpace
    w-wing-blank wux-wing-blank WingBlank
    w-navbar wux-navbar NavBar
    w-pagination wux-pagination Pagination
    w-pagination:controlled wux-pagination Pagination
    w-popover wux-popover Popover
    w-popover:controlled wux-popover Popover
    w-segmented-control wux-segmented-control SegmentedControl
    w-segmented-control:controlled wux-segmented-control SegmentedControl
    w-tabbar wux-tabbar TabBar
    w-tabbar:controlled wux-tabbar TabBar
    w-tabbar-item wux-tabbar-item TabBar Item
    w-tabs wux-tabs Tabs
    w-tabs:controlled wux-tabs Tabs
    w-tab wux-tab Tab
    w-calendar wux-calendar Calendar
    w-cascader wux-cascader Cascader
    w-cascader:controlled wux-cascader Cascader
    w-cascader-picker-view wux-cascader-picker-view CascaderPickerView
    w-checkbox wux-checkbox Checkbox
    w-checkbox-group wux-checkbox-group Checkbox Group
    w-date-picker wux-date-picker DatePicker
    w-date-picker:controlled wux-date-picker DatePicker
    w-date-picker-view wux-date-picker-view DatePickerView
    w-field wux-field Field
    w-field:checkbox wux-field Field Checkbox
    w-field:input wux-field Field Input
    w-field:input-number wux-field Field InputNumber
    w-field:radio wux-field Field Radio
    w-field:rater wux-field Field Rater
    w-field:slider wux-field Field Slider
    w-field:switch wux-field Field Switch
    w-field:textarea wux-field Field Textarea
    w-field:form wux-field Form
    w-input wux-input Input
    w-input:controlled wux-input Input
    w-input-number wux-input-number InputNumber
    w-input-number:controlled wux-input-number InputNumber
    w-multi-picker-view wux-multi-picker-view MultiPickerView
    w-picker wux-picker Picker
    w-picker:controlled wux-picker Picker
    w-picker-view wux-picker-view PickerView
    w-picker-view:controlled wux-picker-view PickerView
    w-popup-select wux-popup-select PopupSelect
    w-popup-select:controlled wux-popup-select PopupSelect
    w-radio-group wux-radio-group Radio Group
    w-radio wux-radio Radio
    w-rater wux-rater Rater
    w-rater:controlled wux-rater Rater
    w-search-bar wux-search-bar SearchBar
    w-search-bar:controlled wux-search-bar SearchBar
    w-select wux-select Select
    w-selectable wux-selectable Selectable
    w-selectable:controlled wux-selectable Selectable
    w-slider wux-slider Slider
    w-slider:controlled wux-slider Slider
    w-switch wux-switch Switch
    w-textarea wux-textarea Textarea
    w-textarea:controlled wux-textarea Textarea
    w-upload wux-upload Upload
    w-accordion-group wux-accordion-group Accordion Group
    w-accordion-group:controlled wux-accordion-group Accordion Group
    w-accordion wux-accordion Accordion
    w-alert wux-alert Alert
    w-avatar wux-avatar Avatar Text
    w-avatar:src wux-avatar Avatar Src
    w-badge wux-badge Badge
    w-badge:dot wux-badge Badge Dot
    w-badge:status wux-badge Badge Status
    w-barcode wux-barcode Barcode
    w-card wux-card Card
    w-divider wux-divider Divider
    w-divider:dashed wux-divider Divider
    w-fab-button wux-fab-button FabButton
    w-fab-button:controlled wux-fab-button FabButton
    w-image wux-image Image
    w-index wux-index Index
    w-index-item wux-index-item Index Item
    w-cell-group wux-cell-group Cell Group
    w-cell wux-cell Cell
    w-cell:link wux-cell Cell
    w-cell:openType wux-cell Cell
    w-media wux-media Media
    w-notice-bar wux-notice-bar NoticeBar
    w-notice-bar:loop wux-notice-bar NoticeBar
    w-prompt wux-prompt Prompt
    w-qrcode wux-qrcode Qrcode
    w-steps wux-steps Steps
    w-step wux-step Step
    w-sticky wux-sticky Sticky
    w-sticky-item wux-sticky-item Sticky Item
    w-sticky-item:slots wux-sticky-item Sticky Item
    w-tag wux-tag Tag
    w-tag:controlled wux-tag Tag
    w-timeago wux-timeago Timeago
    w-timeline wux-timeline Timeline
    w-timeline-item wux-timeline-item Timeline Item
    w-vcode wux-vcode Vcode
    w-actionsheet wux-actionsheet ActionSheet
    w-backdrop wux-backdrop Backdrop
    w-circle wux-circle Circle
    w-dialog wux-dialog Dialog
    w-gallery wux-gallery Gallery
    w-landscape wux-landscape Landscape
    w-loading wux-loading Loading
    w-notification wux-notification Notification
    w-popup wux-popup Popup
    w-progress wux-progress Progress
    w-progress:shape wux-progress Progress
    w-skeleton wux-skeleton Skeleton
    w-skeleton-paragraph wux-skeleton-paragraph Skeleton Paragraph
    w-skeleton-avatar wux-skeleton-avatar Skeleton Avatar
    w-spin wux-spin Spin
    w-spin:nested wux-spin Spin
    w-toast wux-toast Toast
    w-toptips wux-toptips Toptips
    w-filterbar wux-filterbar FilterBar
    w-keyboard wux-keyboard KeyBoard
    w-refresher wux-refresher Refresher
    w-result wux-result Result
    w-swipe-action-group wux-swipe-action-group SwipeActionGroup
    w-swipe-action wux-swipe-action SwipeAction
    w-swipe-action:slots wux-swipe-action SwipeAction
    w-virtual-list wux-virtual-list VirtualList
    w-virtual-list wux-virtual-item VirtualList


    Snippet Component Description
    $wuxCalendar wux-calendar $wuxCalendar
    $wuxSelect wux-select $wuxSelect
    $wuxActionSheet wux-actionsheet $wuxActionSheet
    $wuxBackdrop wux-backdrop $wuxBackdrop
    $wuxDialog wux-dialog $wuxDialog
    $wuxDialog:confirm wux-dialog $wuxDialog
    $wuxDialog:alert wux-dialog $wuxDialog
    $wuxDialog:prompt wux-dialog $wuxDialog
    $wuxGallery wux-gallery $wuxGallery
    $wuxLoading wux-loading $wuxLoading
    $wuxNotification wux-notification $wuxNotification
    $wuxToast wux-toast $wuxToast
    $wuxToptips wux-toptips $wuxToptips
    $wuxToptips:success wux-toptips $wuxToptips
    $wuxToptips:info wux-toptips $wuxToptips
    $wuxToptips:warn wux-toptips $wuxToptips
    $wuxToptips:error wux-toptips $wuxToptips
    $wuxKeyBoard wux-keyboard $wuxKeyBoard


    This Sublime Plugin is open-source software licensed under the MIT license.


    npm i wux-weapp-sublime-snippets

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