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A websocket to tcp proxy server, using nodejs which bridges websockets and tcp servers in either direction.

WIP - the actual code is extremely simple, but not tested well (YET), feel free to help. working examples will be provided with some real services when I get time.

NOTE - currently I only support binary ws frames which isnt implemented in alot of browsers... A workaround is simple to implement, but will not be done until after christmas 2012.


nodejs must be installed first before using this server.

install to current directory

npm install ws-tcp-bridge ./node_modules/.bin/ws-tcp-bridge

or install globally

npm install -g ws-tcp-bridge ws-tcp-bridge

example -

$ ws-tcp-bridge --method=ws2tcp --lport=8080 --rhost=

proxy mode ws -> tcp forwarding port 8080 to

$ ws-tcp-bridge --method=tcp2ws --lport=8080 --rhost=ws://

proxy mode tcp -> ws forwarding port 8080 to

If you want to have negotiation of the target address consider forwarding to a socks5 proxy