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Writes a PLY file to a stream


var writePLY = require("../write-ply.js")
writePLY({ vertex: { x: [0, 0, 0], y: [1, 1, 0], z: [0, 1, 1] },
           face: { vertex_index: [ [0, 1, 2] ] } }).pipe(process.stdout)


require("write-ply")(data[, options])

Writes a JSON representation of a PLY file to disk.

  • data is a JSON encoded PLY file. It must have two fields:
    • vertex an object containing the properties of the vertices
    • face an object containing the properties of the faces
    • comments an optional array of comments to add to the header
  • options is an optional object containg separate flags. In addition to the usual options you can set on a Readable stream, you can also set the flag binary which tells whether to use a binary format or ascii.

Returns A readable stream that you can pipe to wherever you want encoding the contents of the PLY file


(c) 2013 Mikola Lysenko. MIT License