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DEPRECATED - use write-good by btford instead

write gooder

Naive linter for English prose for developers who can't write good and wanna do other stuff good too.

A fork of write-good by Brian Ford.

npm install write-gooder

Important: Do not use this tool to be a jerk to other people about their writing.

writeGooder is a function that takes a string and returns an array of suggestions.

var writeGooder = require('write-gooder');
var suggestions = writeGooder('So the cat was stolen.');
// suggestions: 
// [{ 
//   suggestion: "omit 'So' from the beginning of sentences", 
//   index: 0, offset: 2 
// }, { 
//   suggestion: "'was stolen' is passive voice", 
//   index: 11, offset: 10 
// }] 

writeGooder takes an optional second argument that allows you to disable certain checks.

You can disable checking for passive voice like this:

var writeGooder = require('write-gooder');
var suggestions = writeGooder('So the cat was stolen', { passive: false});
// suggestions: [] 

You can use write-gooder as a command-line tool by installing it globally:

npm install -g write-gooder

write-gooder takes a glob and prints suggestions to stdout:

$ write-gooder *.md
 = writeGooder('So the cat was stolen.');
"was stolen" is passive voice
line 20 column 40
//   suggestion: "'was stolen' is passive voice",
"was stolen" is passive voice
line 28 column 19

You can run just specific checks like this:

write-gooder *.md --weasel --so

Or exclude checks like this:

write-gooder *.md --no-passive

You can disable any combination of the following by providing a key with value false as the second argument to writeGooder.

Checks for passive voice.

Checks for lexical illusions – cases where a word is repeated.

Checks for so at the beginning of the sentence.

Checks for there is or there are at the beginning of the sentence.

Checks for "weasel words."

I came across these resources while doing research to make this module. They might be helpful.

This is not an endorsement. These apps have similar functionality that you may find useful.