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Naive linter for English prose

write good

Naive linter for English prose for developers who can't write good and wanna learn to do other stuff good too.

npm install write-good

Important: Do not use this tool to be a jerk to other people about their writing.

writeGood is a function that takes a string and returns an array of suggestions.

var writeGood = require('write-good');
var suggestions = writeGood('So the cat was stolen.');
// suggestions: 
// [{ 
//   suggestion: "omit 'So' from the beginning of sentences", 
//   index: 0, offset: 2 
// }, { 
//   suggestion: "'was stolen' is passive voice", 
//   index: 11, offset: 10 
// }] 

writeGood takes an optional second argument that allows you to disable certain checks.

You can disable checking for passive voice like this:

var writeGood = require('write-good');
var suggestions = writeGood('So the cat was stolen', { passive: false});
// suggestions: [] 

You can use write-good as a command-line tool by installing it globally:

npm install -g write-good

write-good takes a glob and prints suggestions to stdout:

$ write-good *.md
 = writeGood('So the cat was stolen.');
"was stolen" is passive voice on line 20 at column 40
//   suggestion: "'was stolen' is passive voice",
"was stolen" is passive voice on line 28 at column 19

You can run just specific checks like this:

write-good *.md --weasel --so

Or exclude checks like this:

write-good *.md --no-passive

You can disable any combination of the following by providing a key with value false as the second argument to writeGood.

Checks for passive voice.

Checks for lexical illusions – cases where a word is repeated.

Checks for so at the beginning of the sentence.

Checks for there is or there are at the beginning of the sentence.

Checks for "weasel words."

Checks for adverbs that can weaken meaning: really, very, extremely, etc.

Checks for wordy phrases and unnecessary words.

Checks for common cliches.

I came across these resources while doing research to make this module. They might be helpful.

This is not an endorsement. These apps have similar functionality that you may find useful.