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Wordpress Admin CLI


NPM command-line utility to administer Wordpress installations.

The idea of it is to not fiddle with wordpres versions / updates, and just focus on writing your code. This should be easy to integrate in either a npm script or a runner task (gulp, grunt).

At the moment it only features an instal and update function, which will get your installation to the latest stable version, but the plan is to also change versions, deploy your wordpress files with ease.

Check the roadmap for more information.

How to use

Install it, either locally:

npm install --save wpa-cli

or globally:

npm install --global wpa-cli

Run it with the --path option to give it the location of your current or desired wordpress install.

Example (assuming your installation is located in the wordpress subfolder):

wpa-cli update --path wordpress/

Example (assuming you want to install a new version in wordpress_new):

wpa-cli install --path wordpress_new/

Another usual use case is to create a npm script which will call it directly (package.json):

"scripts": {
  "update": "wpa-cli update --path wordpress/"

Under the hood

This relies on the Wordpress organization's Github Wordpress project repository for all it's actions.

It takes it's versions from the published tags, and the files from the releases tarballs.

This is kind of a risky move because if Github goes down this app will not be able to function anymore.


The way the install and update works, is to overwrite the default files with the new version (just like the Wordpress engine with wp-update-core.php), so if you made modifications the engine, if you run the update, they will be overwritten

Known issues

If something doesn't work as you expect, look over the known issues to see if it wasn't already reported, and fix/patch discovered.


wpa-cli has few options, but it's wise to know about them. By default no options are passed.

The -p / --path option is required, (If it's called without it, the app will exit with an error).

  • -p, --path <PATH> The path where your local Wordpress installation resides
  • -k, --no-color Omit color from output
  • --debug Show debug information
  • -v, --version Display the current version
  • -h, --help Display help and usage details

There are two commands that are available: (If there isn't one specified the all will display the --help message)

  • install Install a new wordpress instance. Takes the target folder from the --path option.
  • update Updates the local wordpress instace. You specify it's location via the --path option.

Example: wpa-cli install --path wordpress_new/ to install a new instance of wordpress into the wordpress_new folder.

Name change

You may have known this app as wordpress-update-cli but since the feature scope change it was renamed to reflect this.

Roadmap / Todo

  • Install a new wordpress instance
  • Deploy a new database
  • Generate a wp-config.php file
  • Set file / folders permissions
  • Update external plugins
  • Git commit after update
  • Change current installation version
  • Change the current installed plugin(s) version(s)
  • Programatic API
  • Update the local wordpress install to the latest version


We welcome contributors to the the project.

Please take a look at on how to get started.


This project is licensed under the MIT license. You can read it here or learn more about it here.

Additional licenses

This project makes use of additional libraries and packages, each with it's own license and copyright.


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