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Roll your own TopoJSON from Natural Earth.

World Atlas TopoJSON

This repository provides a convenient mechanism for generating TopoJSON files from Natural Earth.

Before you can run make, you’ll need to install Node.js. Here’s how to do that using Homebrew on Mac OS X:

brew install node

And then, from this repository’s root directory, install the dependencies:

npm install

If you want to install this software using an alternate method see the website for TopoJSON. I also recommend reading my tutorial, Let’s Make a Map.

Once you have everything installed, simply run:


This will generate various TopoJSON files in the topo directory. As a by-product of producing these files, you’ll also download the shapefiles directly from Natural Earth and convert them into GeoJSON and filter.

If you want to generate a custom map, I recommend modifying the Makefile. Or, just use the Makefile as a set of examples, and run the appropriate ogr2ogr and topojson commands from the terminal.