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    web workers on crack! (should have called it whitney)

    The goal behind workhorse is to simplify messaging between a worker and client interface. It also adopts some concepts from the ServiceWorker spec.


    on(event, handler)

    var worker = new Workhorse('thing.js');
    worker.on('wat', function (e) {

    off(event, [handler])

    // remove all the "wats"'wat');

    emit(event, [data])

    worker.on('wat', function (e) {
    worker.emit('wat', { message : 'hi!' }); // => "hi!"

    once(event, handler)

    worker.once('wat', function () {
    worker.emit('wat'); // => "hi!"
    worker.emit('wat'); // nothin'

    post(event, data)'wat', { message: 'hi' });

    What are the differences between emit and post?

    • post sends a message across the wire, this would be the equivilant of postMessage.
    • emit triggers any and all event handlers associated with an event. This does not send a message across the wire.

    Responding to events

    By default web workers offer a very simple messaging system which can get messy quick when a worker potentially has multiple responsibilities.

    Rather than wiring up multiple events for a game of ping pong, we should be able to easily respond to an event via the event object.

    worker.on('wat', function (event) {
        message: 'Hello!'

    Recieving responses

    So just like the issue of responding to events, how does a client recieve that response without wiring up an additional event? This seems like a fitting place to use promises.'wat', { wat: 'wat' })
      .then(function (response) {
        console.log(response.message); // => "Hello!"


    Things to consider while developing

    • There are multiple types of workers (Worker, SharedWorker, etc.)
    • It's possible to spin up a worker via port property (worker.port)
    • Nothing could probably ever take Whitney in a fist fight


    npm i workhorsejs

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