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SheetJS js-word

Parser and writer for various word processing doc formats. Pure-JS cleanroom implementation from official specifications, related documents, and test files. Emphasis on parsing and writing robustness, cross-format feature compatibility with a unified JS representation, and maximal browser compatibility.

Test Files

Test files should be placed in the test_files directory, in the appropriate subdirectory for the filetype. For example, DOCX files should be placed in test_files\docx\wordjs and RTF files should be in test_files\rtf\wordjs.

Every test file should be accompanied by a plain text .txt representation whose filename is the original filename appended with .txt. For example, the DOCX file test_files\docx\wordjs\foo.docx pairs with the plain text file test_files\docx\wordjs\foo.docx.txt

Generating Baselines using Word for Windows

  1. Ensure you have PowerShell version 7.0 or greater
  2. Run Set-ExecutionPolicy RemoteSigned OR Set-ExecutionPolicy -Scope Process -ExecutionPolicy Bypass in Powershell (PS) Admin 7.0
  3. Have the PS script in the root of the repo
  4. Run .\generate_txt.ps1 .\test_files\EXT_TYPE\FOLDER (ex. .\generate_txt.ps1 .\test_files\docx\apachepoi)

On first run, if a test file does not have an accompanying .txt file, the script will open Word and save the file as plaintext. Word will rapidly open and close during this process.

The script will not attempt to open Word or try to generate .txt files if they already exist. After a clean run, Word should not open on future runs.

The script will halt for documents that are broken in certain ways. Word will display a prompt, stalling the automated process. Those documents can be skipped by creating a .skip file as described below.

Skipping Files

The script will look for files with the .skip extension and skip processing the base file. For example, if test_files\docx\wordjs\Hello.docx.skip exists, the script will not attempt to process test_files\docx\wordjs\Hello.docx

When the UI blocks (for example, on a VBA error with ThisDocument), the corresponding .skip file should be created manually. The script merely tests if the file exists, so the content is immaterial and a single letter suffices.

Generating .skip files

The script will attempt to open password-protected documents using the password "WordJS". The script will not halt but it will not generate a text file. With a few adjustments, the script can generate .skip files for those cases

  1. Uncomment L27-29 in the script
  2. Comment L26 in the script
  3. Rerun the script
  4. Undo Step 1 and 2


Please consult the attached LICENSE file for details. All rights not explicitly granted by the Apache 2.0 License are reserved by the Original Author.


OSP-covered Specifications (click to show)
  • MS-CFB: Compound File Binary File Format
  • MS-DOC: Word (.doc) Binary File Format
  • RTF: Rich Text Format
  • ISO/IEC 29500:2012(E) "Information technology — Document description and processing languages — Office Open XML File Formats"
  • Open Document Format for Office Applications Version 1.3 (25 December 2019)




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