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    WooCommerce products to CSV

    This tool helps you get a CSV file with product data from a Woocommerce/Wordpress web shop. This CSV file can then directly be used to import your products into NearSt.

    Getting a XML file from Wordpress

    First, you have to export a file from Wordpress. Unfortunately, Wordpress only allows you to export XML files in their own format, which is why you need this tool :)

    The steps are as follows:

    1. After singing in to the Wordpress admin panel of your website, go to Tools > Export in the menu on the left.
    2. You are now asked what content you want to export. Select Products.
    3. Click Download export file to get your XML file.

    Installing the tool

    Install Nodejs (v4+) and NPM, then run:

    npm install -g woocommerce-to-csv

    Node version

    Don't have Nodejs v4? Use the following two commands in your terminal to upgrade:

    npm install -g n
    n 4

    Using the tool

    Simply locate the path of the XML export file, and decide where you want to store your CSV, then run this:

    woocommerce-to-csv your.export.file.xml products.csv

    This will yield a file with information about your products.


    npm i woocommerce-to-csv

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