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WNS's Angular Package

A powerful package for WNS Middleware supported by WNS Team that provides an interface to use Angular.


  • Angular Server
  • Angular Module
  • Angular Resource
  • Angular Component
  • Angular Application
  • Angular Controller


  • Node.JS + NPM
  • WNS Middleware v0.0.93+
  • WNS HTTP Package v0.1.2+


Enter your server/application's directory...

Installing with WNS Package Manager
$ wnspm install angular
Installing with NPM

Inside your server or application directory just type:

$ npm install wns-angular-package

Setting up your Angular server

Edit your server/app's config.json and insert inside the component section, this code:

  // Example of angular configuration 
  "angular": {
    "class": "wnAngularServer"