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CLI for writing web applications

wk imposes a simple approach that uses html, css and javascript for writing web applications


i wrote this out of frustration with current web development methods (aka: js frameworks)

this project is under active development and its API is subjected to change


this CLI tool is available through npm

npm i -g wk-toolkit

Initializing a project

wk init
  • Checks if current folder has already initialized
  • Creates boilerplate folders/files for a project if not initialized before

Starting development server

wk start
  • Starts the file server that hosts the web application on in an available port
  • Starts a file watcher that concatanates the source files (css, js, html) upon change
  • Opens a browser window that runs the web application

Making a production build

wk build
  • Clones ./public folder as ./build
  • Minifies & merges all javascript and css code under ./src folder and puts them into ./build folder with a time seed


documentation is not complete

A freshly initialized project will have following 5 files

  • every folder put into components folder counts as one component and every component folder must have one js,css and html file in it.So web-app.js, web-app.css and web-app.html are necessary for the web-app component

  • web-app component is the prime component of a wk project and entry point for the program is the first line of web-app.js

  • you can create a new component by creating the folder and necessary 3 files or you can just use wk new component-name command

  • with wk start command, these these js, css and html files are merged and served via an http server built into CLI tool

dont serve the base project folder or public folder yourself for development always use wk start command for development

  • main document of the web application is ./public/index.html, you can include 3rd party scripts/css in it

  • all assets and 3rd party js/css files should be stored in ./public folder

  • if you would like to make a production build use wk build command, it will copy all your assets in ./public folder and minify all your source code into a new folder ./build. you can move content of this build folder to any http file server to serve your application

Style Guide

projects written with wk are encouraged to use following style guide

  • variables and functions are snake_case
  • constants are UPPER_SNAKE_CASE
  • brace placement is in Allman Style
  • operators are surrounded by one space
  • global variables start with g_ prefix
  • indentation is done with tabs
  • there is a soft limit on 3 level indentation and 80 char column size


wk is in under active development since 2018 and i have made lots of breaking changes to it, below is the track of all those changes

unfortunately there is no foreseeable date for stable version release yet

Migration Notes 0.4.14 to 0.5.0


  • standart web components syntax is adopted for components.
  • main component renamed from app to web-app (to match web components naming)

Migration Notes 0.3.0 to 0.3.1


folder structure is changed with this release (this is a breaking change)

  • www is changed to public since this folder is for serving static files, i thought it would be a good idea to name it www/, (just like default apache root folder name) but no one get the reference and i decided to change its name to public/ which is inspired from create-react-app

  • src is kept same src is a good abbrevetion for name 'source' so i kept it as it is

  • com is moved under src and renamed as src/components

folder name 'com' has an undesired resemblance with Android package names ( eg: ) i thought having 3 letter base folder names looked cool ( www, src, com) but every developer that tried to use wk, complained with these cryptic namings.

Migration Notes 0.2.22 to 0.3.0


i have decided to make a breaking change to wk and dropped typescript support

even though i love typescript and typed languages for programming, i had some negative experiences with 'typescript' so far

  • typescript transpiler is slow and getting slower with each release. i have tried lots of things but there is no way for me to solve this problem (i have even experimented alternative compiler 'sucrase')
  • typescript language is growing very rapidly and wk uses outdated typescript features like triple-slash-reference-directives and namespace keyword.wk already encourages to use a small subset of typescript language, the statement 'wk is a toolkit for developing web apps with typescript' is getting less true with each typescript release (which is too frequent for my taste)
  • even it is very easy to understand how it works, typescript is complexifying wk for new learners, new wk users are always asking typescript related questions instead of wk architecture to understand a project written with wk
  • as of aug 2019, es6 'class' and 'extends' keyword is very well supported by major browsers, which makes one of the transpilation reasons fade away
  • one less dependency in the project always feels good

what is gained by dropping typescript

  • faster build times (5-10 seconds to 10-50 milliseconds)
  • less things to learn for new wk users
  • smaller codebase for maintaining wk development itself

what is lost by dropping typescript

  • very helpful type checks
  • smart autocomplete, code navigation

still, i am not convinced that dropping typescript is a good idea, since wk is still in an experimental stage, i may re-introduce typescript in the future




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