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Makes command-line tools easier to use through implicit option files.


I'm just getting started but do not consider anything bolted down until version is at least 0.2.0.


    npm install -g wiz


Create a custom version of ack command named zack

    wiz curry ack    # creates ~/.wiz/bin/zack [1]
    wiz link zack    # creates /usr/local/bin/zack -> ~/.wiz/bin/zack [2]
  1. Because wiz curry command didn't provide a name for the custom command, default name with z prefix is used.

  2. wiz link step is unnecessary if you have ~/.wiz/bin in your PATH.

Create an option file for zack

Option file for zack must be named zack.opts and may be located in any directories between current working directory and HOME directory. Option file may also be stored in each directory's .wiz directory.

Directories searched when current working directory is /Users/don/github/wiz:


Example zack.opts file

    --ignore-dir node_modules

    # this requires ack 2.0

Option lines starting with # in option files are ignored.

Using zack

    zack hello

This command line is equivalent to:

    ack -i --ignore-dir node_modules --nojs hello

Create another version of ack for just searching css files

Full syntax of wiz curry command is

    wiz curry <target-command> [<curry-cmd>]

Default <curry-cmd> is target command name prefixed with z.

Example creating a curry command with non-default name

    wiz curry ack ackcss

ackcss will use option files named ackcss.opts if exists

Remove zack from /usr/local/bin

    wiz unlink zack


wiz has issues with interactive command-line tools and tools that behaves differently based on whether stdin is TTY or not.

In case of ag which falls in the second category, add --parallel option.