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wit-node: Easy interface for natural language parsing


Easy interface for interacting with the natural language parsing API.

This project will expand as the API expands, but as it stands there's a single endpoint. You can hit this endpoint easily with Wit.message([your message]), which uses to convert that phrase or sentence into an object with an intent and entities if any were specified.

You will need to create a account and begin training it.

npm install wit-node@">=0.0.2"

You'll need to set an environment variable named WIT_TOKEN or specify your token with Wit.token = [your token].

export WIT_TOKEN=[your token]

Alternatively, you can pass the token to Wit.message() as the second parameter.

Wit uses Q for promises, so the interface is nice and clean and reliable.

var promise = Wit.message('Hi')
promise.then(function(result) {
  result.intent // will be Hello with the default Wit instance. 
  result.confidence // will be relatively low initially. 
raw Raw response object (parsed JSON) text The original message sent. intent The intent, as determined by Wit. confidence The confidence level that Wit determined. entities Object of entities, which contain the value, and the start/end position within msgBody. value The value as determined by Wit (might not be the same as body). start The start position index from msgBody. end The end position index from msgBody. body The actual value as specified in msgBody.

Licensed under the MIT License

Copyright 2012 Mode Set