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======= Wishbone

A dead simple way to create RESTful APIs in Node.js. Built on top of MongoDB using Backbone.js and Express.

Wishbone was created with the intent of making it easy for front-end developers to quickly and painlessly bootstrap web applications. Wishbone makes it simple to create basic CRUD applications with only a few lines of code. Wishbone leverages the powerful (and often overlooked) object relational model that backbone provides in order to abstract away the nitty gritty of using the MongoDB API.

If you want to get started quickly, you can use the BaseAPI class by passing in a namespace. Wishbone takes care of the rest. All you should have to do is hit the api at the appropriate namespace using GET, POST, or PUT.

For example:

curl -v -H "Accept: application/json" -H "Content-type: application/json" -X POST -d '{"name":"San Francisco", "state":"CA"}' http://localhost:3000/api/locations

Will insert a document into the locations collection, provided that I have created an API endpoint for locations.

It's easy to set up simple CRUD like this, but Wishbone also exposes an API that allows you to define your own routes and callbacks. Routing is done using Backbone, so you never have to interact with express.

If you're looking for CRUD with minimal setup, look no further.


You'll need to have node and mongodb installed on your machine

For more information on installing node, go here:

For more information on installing mongodb, go here:


npm install -g wishbone


  1. Fire up mongodb: sudo mongod
  2. require('wishbone')
  3. Write your code
var Wishbone = require('wishbone');
// Initialize wishbone with an optional configuration object 
    db: {
        db: 'db'
    server : {
        path: 'path-to-my-public-files'
// Instantiate some new APIs. The string you pass in will be the namespace 
// e.g. http://localhost:3000/api/locations 
var locationsAPI = new Wishbone.Controller({
    resource: 'locations',
    prefix: 'api'
var peopleAPI = new Wishbone.Controller({
    resource: 'people',
    prefix: 'api'
// Start the Wishbone server. Do this once all your setup is complete