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A set of experimentation scripts and a command line interface (CLI) for wisebed.js.

"wisebed.js is a JavaScript-based client library that builds upon the REST API defined for the newest version of the WISEBED backend system Testbed Runtime. It uses HTTP requests/responses for most management operations and the WebSocket for communication with the sensor nodes serial port. wisebed.js-scripts is a collection of command-line scripts built upon wisebed.js, offering the same (and a bit more) functionality than the well-known but nowadays technically outdated experimentation-scripts." (


Install node.js first, then:

git clone
cd wisebed.js-scripts
npm install
alias wb=./wb.js


wisebed.js-scripts are (aim to be) self-explaining. Just run:

wb --help

which will give you a list of options and commands to choose from. If you want more help for a specific command run:

wb COMMAND_NAME --help

Getting started

Create configuration file

List and detailed information about all WISEBED testbeds.

UzL1 testbed

Further information: Testbed University of Lübeck (UZL)

  1. Register for an account

  2. Add the file local_uzl1.json

  "rest_api_base_url"  : "",
  "websocket_base_url" : "ws://",
  "credentials"        : [
      "urnPrefix" : "urn:wisebed:uzl1:",
      "username"  : "YOUR_USERNAME_HERE",
      "password"  : "YOUR_PASSWORD_HERE"

Run commands with the configuration file by using -c or --config

wb COMMAND_NAME -c local_uzl1.json

Reserve nodes

Show all nodes

wb nodes -c local_uzl1.json

Reserve the node (-n) urn:wisebed:uzl1:0xAAAA (choose for AAAA a ID, shown by the previous command) for the duration (-d) of 5 minutes

wb make-reservation -c local_uzl1.json -n "urn:wisebed:uzl1:0xAAAA" -d "00:05"