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Wintersmith template plugin for SIML.


Compile SIML templates.

Getting Started

This plugin requires Wintersmith.

Checkout Wintersmith, if you haven't before.

Checkout SIML's introduction for more information on SIML itself.

npm install wintersmith-siml --save-dev

Once the Wintersmith Template Plugin has been installed, it may be enabled inside your config.json file by adding it to the plugins array:

"plugins" : [ "./node_modules/wintersmith-siml" ]

If you've installed Wintersmith-SIML globally (through npm install -g wintersmith-siml), you don't need to specify a path:

"plugins" : [ "wintersmith-siml" ]

Next, when you run wintersmith build, or wintersmith preview, files with siml as there extension will be rendered to HTML.

Alternativly, you could run wintersmith build --plugins wintersmith-siml