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winston-rollbar Build Status

A rollbar transport for winston.


  $ npm install winston
  $ npm install winston-rollbar


  var winston = require('winston');
  // Requiring `winston-rollbar` will expose 
  // `winston.transports.Rollbar` 
  winston.add(winston.transports.Rollbar, options);

The Rollbar transport uses node-rollbar behind the scenes. Options are the following:

  • rollbarAccessToken: Rollbar post server item access token.
  • rollbarConfig: Rollbar configuration (more info) (optional).
  • metadataAsRequest: Uses metadata object as Rollbar's request parameter. (default: false will send for meta.req if provided)
  • level: Level of messages this transport should log. (default: warn).
  • silent: Boolean flag indicating whether to suppress output (default: false).