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    • This plugin is written for recreational VFR flight planning.
    • Use the weather picker to plot a flight plan.
    • You can also upload a plan. (Upload formats: .gpx, .ep1, .efp. or Download as: .gpx.)
    • Airports (found in the Windy Airports layer) can be used to add a waypoint. Clicking on an airport or dragging the picker close to an airport will show the airport ICAO code above the picker. Clicking on this will open the airport information pane.
    • Sliding the aircraft icon along the route will set the Windy map to the appropriate time and altitude.
    • Altitude, speed, time and date can be set for selected legs. You can select "agl" or above "msl".
    • Long press-or double-click on a row in the flight plan to select single leg.
    • Click the "Read Wx" to load the weather data for your route. Ground speed and corrected ETE are then calculated.
    • If you change the position, altitude, speed or time of waypoints, click the "Read Wx" button again to update Wx data.
    • "Allow Drag" button allows dragging the waypoints. "Lock Drag" again to prevent dragging accidentally.
    • In the Settings menu: Alert values for different overlays can be set. The alert sections will then be marked with red along the route after "Read Wx" has run.
    • Airspace data from has been translated to geojson and can be loaded in the Airspace menu. Do not load too many countries.
    • The "R Planner" button opens the Windy Route Planner. Altitude will be displayed in the Route Planner. The flight plan cannot be modified while the Route Planner is open.
    • I am experimenting with Route Planner for touch devices.
    • Selecting local time in settings will show local time in the flight plan with the timezone offset. This is corrected for DST.
    • Selecting Timezone will show the Timezone name in the information marker and will highlight the timezone boundaries as the aircraft icon is moved.

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