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Federated wiki client-side javascript as a npm module.


Over its first two years the Smallest Federated Wiki (SFW) project explored many ways that a wiki could embrace HTML5 and related technologies. Here we will cautiously reorganize this work as small independent modules that favor ongoing innovation.

We proceed by dividing SFW first into large pieces and then these into smaller pieces as we simplify and regularize the communications between them. We now favor the node.js module and event conventions, dependency injection, and increased separation between the DOM and the logic that manages it.

Federated wiki's single-page application reads page content from many sources and writes updates to a few. Read-write server backends are maintained in ruby (sinatra) and node (express). Read-only servers have been realized with static files and cgi scripts. Encouraging experiments have exploited exotic service architectures such as CCNx content-addressable networks.


We're happy to take issues or pull requests regarding the goals and their implementation within this code.

A wider-ranging conversation is documented in the GitHub ReadMe of the founding project, SFW.