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This module is a very loose interpretation of the jQuery UI widget pattern for Ender, with the minimalist goals of Backbone's View object mixed in. Here are some of the features of the library:

  • Inheritable widgets that bind to a particular DOM element
  • Handling of default options
  • Widget cleanup when the element is removed from the DOM through the .destroy() method

There are some notable differences from the jQuery UI widget class:

  • Widgets are instantiated from classes rather than with a _createWidget method
  • Widgets do not handle enabling / disabling the element or hovering

Things that don't exist now, but may be added in the future:

  • Better event handling / namespacing


After you install Ender, include widget in your package:

ender add widget


There are two ways to create widgets. The first is to use the $.widget method, ala jQuery UI:

$.widget('MyNamespace.MyWidget', {
    options: {
        // Default options... 
    init: function () {
        // Initialize widget 
    destroy: function () {
        // Destroy the widget 
        this.__super__.destroy();  // Or: this._super('destroy') 

The alternative way is to just inherit directly from the $.Widget class. This makes the most sense if you are using, e.g., CoffeeScript:

class MyWidget extends $.Widget
    options: {
        # Default options
    init: ->
        # Initialize the widget
    destroy: ->
        # Destroy the widget

If you use the first method, your widget will be added to the $ object:

$.MyNamespace.MyWidget(options, el)

If you're using the second method, you'll need to instantiate the widget directly.