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Wheels Class

Simple and powerful classical inheritance for JavaScript. Super lightweight, with no dependencies and fully compatible with CommonJS / npm, AMD and standard browser script tag include.


wheels-class can be installed with CommonJS / npm, AMD or standard browser script tag:


npm install wheels-class

AMD / RequireJS

require(["wheels-class"], function( Class ) {
  var MyClass = new Class();

Traditional browser script tag

<script type="text/javascript" src="path/to/wheels-class.js"></script>
<script type="text/javascript">
  var MyClass = new Wheels.Class();


Class definition

Pass an object to the constructor to create a class and add the object's properties to the class prototype property:

var Foo = new Class({
  greet: function() {
    return "Hello :)";
var foo = new Foo();
foo.greet(); // => "Hello :)" 

Alternatively, you can pass a function to the constructor, and it will be executed in the scope of the class. That means that, whithin the function, this is the class itself. Also, the function will receive the prototype property of the class as the first argument:

var Foo = new Class(function( proto ) {
  // `this` is the class, here Foo 
  this.classMethod = function() {
    return "I am a class method";
  // first argument is the class `prototype` property (here Foo.prototype) 
  proto.instanceMethod = function() {
    return "Hello :)";
var foo = new Foo();
Foo.classMethod();    // => "I am a class method" 
foo.instanceMethod(); // => "Hello :)" 

Class inheritance

The subclass method creates a subclass and accepts the same arguments as the constructor:

var Animal = new Class({
  eat: function() {
    return "Yum :)";
var Cat = Animal.subclass({
  meow: function() {
    return "Meow!";
var nyan = new Cat();;  // => "Yum :)" 
nyan.meow(); // => "Meow!" 
// The subclass also stores a reference to the superclass 
Cat._superclass === Animal // => true 
// And the instance stores a reference to the parent prototype 
nyan._parent === Animal.prototype // => true 

Include, augment and reopen

The include method accepts one or more objects and copies their properties to the class' prototype property:

var Duck = new Class();
  quack: function() {
    return "Quack!";
var donald = new Duck();
donald.quack(); // => "Quack!" 

The augment method accepts one or more objects and copies their properties to the class:

var Foo = new Class();
  classMethod: function() {
    return "I am a class method!";
Foo.classMethod(); // => "I am a class method!" 

The reopen method accepts the same arguments as the Class constructor: if you pass an object, its properties get added to the class prototype, if you pass a function it is executed in the scope of the class, passing the prototype as the first argument.

var Human = new Class(),
    john = new Human();
// Passing an object 
  sing: function() {
    return "Goo goo goo joob!";
john.sing(); // => "Goo goo goo joob!" 
// Passing a function 
Human.reopen(function( proto ) {
  // `this` is the class, here Human 
  this.cogito = function() {
    return "ergo sum.";
  // proto here is Human.prototype = function() {
    return "Yum!"
Human.cogito(); // => "ergo sum.";     // => "Yum!"