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Wheelmap React.js frontend

This app is a refactored version of Wheelmap's ‘classic’ Rails frontend. Its purpose is to split frontend and backend development and to make deployments as independent as possible of each other.

As of August 2017, the Rails application still contains frontend functions that we want to move into this React.js application, so the rewrite is not complete yet.


We bootstrapped this project with Create React App.

You can find the most recent version of the Create React App development guide here.

The app itself is a React.js application.

It is served on the same domain as the backend API and fetches data from there.


To deploy the application:

  • ask the backend maintainers to include your public SSH key in the authorized deployment keys
  • Add hostnames for the staging/production systems to your /etc/hosts
  • Log in once on the staging/production server
  • Deploy the application with yarn deploy-staging or yarn deploy-production.