Wicked Good XPath


Wicked Good XPath is a fast implementation of document.createExpression and document.evaluate (DOM3-XPath) in pure Javascript.

0.x.y: x refers to the Google SVN revision when wgxpath.install.js was built; y refers to any improvements to this package.

I'm pretty lazy, so I didn't build Wicked Good XPath myself. When the pre-compiled wgxpath.install.js is updated, I'll update this package.

Install with npm:

npm install wgxpath

Make sure things are working:

node node_modules/wgxpath/word_of_the_day.js

This example scrapes the Merriam-Webster Word of the Day. This code can also be found in word_of_the_day.js.

var wgxpath = require('wgxpath');
var jsdom = require('jsdom');
var url = 'http://www.merriam-webster.com/word-of-the-day/';
var expressionString = '//*[@id="content"]/div[3]/ul/li[1]/strong';
  html: url,
  donefunction(errorswindow) {
    var expression = window.document.createExpression(expressionString);
    var result = expression.evaluate(window.document,
    console.log('The Word of the Day is "' + result.stringValue + '."');