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A lightweight JavaScript framework that lets you control exactly what you need.

Getting Started

You can start developing with basic by using the included basic.js file. This file comes prebuilt with all available functions. If you need to customize which functions are available, see the building section below.


Basic can be used much in the same way as jQuery including selectors and function chaining.

$('.selector').on('click', function()

Some functions are different than their jQuery counterparts, most notably .size(), which returns an object of the element's height / width instead of separate .width() and .height() functions.


Basic is designed to be customizable, allowing you to specifically choose which functions you need. This is ideal for environments where bandwidth is at a premium, like advertising or satellite broadcasting.

To generate a custom build, you can specify which files you want to load in gulp:

gulp build --files "addClass, removeClass, on"

The output can then be found in ./dist/basic.generated.js