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small and simple immutable flux


To install the stable version:

npm install --save welp


WelpStore (object: {key: value}, callback_function: action)

WelpStore takes two arguments. First is a javascript object that will be turned into an Immutable Map.

WelpStore's second argument is a callback function that has dispatched action objects passed to it

const HelloStore = new WelpStore(
  {hello: {
    count: 0
  action => {
    switch (action.type) {
      case UPDATE_NUMBER:
        return HelloStore.replace(['hello', 'count'], _ =>;


WelpComponent is a base class for a React component that will implement Welp's Immutable store. I think by reading the small source, you can kind of see what it is up to.

pass props and and an array of [stores] to super.

WelpComponent will bind to all of the stores passed in that array. When data changes in the stores, WelpComponent will make a comparison of the previous state and previous props to see if there were changes, if so, we will re-render (look at shouldComponentUpdate in WelpComponent).

class App extends WelpComponent {
    super(props, [HelloStore])
    this.handleUpdateNumberChange = this.handleUpdateNumberChange.bind(this);
  handleUpdateNumberChange() {
    return update_number(this.state.hello.count+1);
  render() {
    return (
        <p>Hello world! {this.state.hello.count}</p>
        <button onClick={this.handleUpdateNumberChange}>Add + 1</button>


git clone
cd welp
npm run examples
open http://localhost:8181/examples/index.html