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Vue Web Renderer for Weex

This is a group of Vue 2.x components for Weex, which have the same behavior with the Weex built-in components on the native.

It can be run on browser only based on Vue 2.x (without Weex).

use vue-loader

**NOTE: ** after v0.11.3 there's no need to add $processStyle and autoprefixer in your vue-loader config anymore. The runtime render will take care of it once for all.

component -> dom map

component dom element children note
scroller /main /main/div/x -
list /main /main/div/x -
cell /sect /sect/x -
header /head /head/x -
loading /asid /aside/x -
loading-indicator /mark /mark/x -
refresh /asid /aside/x -
slider /nav x -> /ul/li/x, indicator -> /nav/nav -
indicator /nav - indicator points: /nav/mark
a /a /a/x -
div /div /div/x -
image /figure - -
input /input - -
switch /span - round button: /span/small
text /p - -
textarea /textarea - -
video /video - -
web /iframe - -