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Vue Web Renderer for Weex

This is a group of Vue 2.x components for Weex, which have the same behavior with the Weex built-in components on the native.

It can be run on browser only based on Vue 2.x (without Weex).

how to use

If you prefer npm way, you should manually call init function to pass Vue constructor to weex.

import Vue from 'vue'
import weex from 'weex-vue-render'
import App from 'App.vue'
new Vue(App)

If you perfer cdn way, and use script tag to import a script link, just import it into your html file, it will auto-init and you can just ignore it.

<script>{{your js bundle}}</script> 

use vue-loader to bundle .vue file

**NOTE: ** after v0.11.3 there's no need to add $processStyle and autoprefixer in your vue-loader config anymore. The runtime render will take care of it once for all.

component -> dom map

component dom element children note
scroller /main /main/div/x -
list /main /main/div/x -
cell /sect /sect/x -
header /head /head/x -
loading /asid /aside/x -
loading-indicator /mark /mark/x -
refresh /asid /aside/x -
slider /nav x -> /ul/li/x, indicator -> /nav/nav -
indicator /nav - indicator points: /nav/mark
a /a /a/x -
div /div /div/x -
image /figure - -
input /input - -
switch /span - round button: /span/small
text /p - -
textarea /textarea - -
video /video - -
web /iframe - -