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Weex Devtools is a set of weex debugging tool. The weex-devtool works as a debugging server, it cooperates with the inspect modules on Android and iOS to help user to inspect/debug weex source codes and project: android and ios;
2.could debug on device and emulator;
3.could inspect native Elements, vdom, Network, Console, Resources; 
4.could debug on source files like JS/weex/Rx... files;
5.could breakpoint and debug both JS files and native Java(Android)/C(IOS) files in the same active session. remote debugging, don't need USB connecting to PC. screencast and select element inspect/debug multiple app the same time


$npm install -g weex-toolkit

suggest to use weex-toolkit which will call weex-devtool.


weex debug [options] [we_file|bundles_dir]


-h, --host [host]    set the host ip of debugger server
-H, --help           display help
-V, --verbose        display logs of debugger server
-v, --version        display version
-p, --port [port]    set debugger server port, default is 8088
-M, --manual         manual mode,this mode will not auto open chrome
-e, --entry [entry]  set the entry of bundle file when debugging a directory, the url of the bundle will show on chrome as a QR code.

start debugger

$weex debug

this command will start debug server and launch a chrome opening AppList page. this page will display a qrcode ,you can use Playground App scan it for starting debug.

start debugger with a we file

$weex debug your_weex.we

this command will compile your_weex.we to your_weex.js and start the debug server as upon command. your_weex.js will deploy on the server and displayed in AppList page as another qrcode contain the url of your_weex.js

start debugger with a directory of we files

$weex debug your/we/path  -e index.we

this command will build every file in your/we/path and deploy them on the bundle server. your directory will mapping to http://localhost:port/weex/ use -e to set the entry of these bundles. and the url of "index.we" will display on device list page as another qrcode

How to access devtools in native

Android: pls refer to Weex Devtool Android

IOS: pls refer to Weex Devtool IOS

chrome extension

devtool chrome extension support you can inpect dom tree on debugger page and validate dom tree deep.
see weex devtool chrome extension


Weex Devtools 是一套调试工具。weex-devtool和客户端inspect模块AndroidiOS 一起,帮助用户调试weex代码和工程:

3.可以检查native Elements, vdom, network, Console, Resource;
7.支持screencast和select element功能


$npm install -g weex-toolkit

(建议用weex-toolkit这个入口。weex debug其实就是调用的weex-devtool)


weex debug [options] [we_file|bundles_dir]


-h, --host [host]    指定debug服务器的ip地址(必须是本机有效的地址)
-H, --help           显示帮助
-V, --verbose        显示debug服务器运行时的各种log
-v, --version        显示版本
-p, --port [port]    设置debug服务器端口号 默认为8088
-M, --manual         手动模式 这个模式不会自动打开浏览器
-e, --entry [entry]  debug一个目录时,这个参数指定整个目录的入口bundle文件,这个bundle文件的地址会显示在debug主页上(作为二维码)


$weex debug

单纯启动一个调试服务器,并同时唤起chrome浏览器打开调试主页. 这个调试主页上会有一个二维码,使用Playground App扫这个二维码可以开启Playground调试. 开启调试后,设备列表中会出现您的设备,根据提示进行后续的调试操作

调试 we文件

$weex debug your_weex.we

这个命令会将your_weex.we编译成bundlejs文件 部署到debug服务器 并启动debug服务器如上述命令那样.打开的调试主页会多显示一个二维码,使用playground app 扫这个码可以加载your_weex.we.(注意要先扫描开启调试的那个码) 这个命令会自动检测your_weex.we文件变动,如果发现内容被修改则立即重新编译部署,并刷新debugger页面 .


$weex debug your/we/path  -e index.we

这个命令会编译你指定目录下的所有的we文件,并把编译好的bundlejs部署到debug服务器,他们的地址会映射到 http://lcoalhost:8088/weex/ 下 比如 your/we/path/index.we 可以通过http://lcoalhost:8088/weex/index.js访问
your/we/path/demo/test.we 可以通过http://lcoalhost:8088/weex/demo/index.js




Android: 请参考 Weex Devtool Android

IOS: 请参考 Weex Devtool IOS

chrome extension

devtool chrome extension提供了在debugger页面下查看页面dom结构以及对dom节点深度检查的功能
具体使用方法请参照weex devtool chrome extension