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A prototype Web Socket client implementation for node.js.

Tested with miksago/node-websocket-server v1.2.00.

Requires nodejs 0.1.98 or later.


Install this using npm as follows

npm install websocket-client

... or just dump lib/websocket.js in your $NODE_PATH.


var sys = require('sys');
var WebSocket = require('websocket').WebSocket;

var ws = new WebSocket('ws://localhost:8000/biff', 'borf');
ws.addListener('data', function(buf) {
    sys.debug('Got data: ' + sys.inspect(buf));
ws.onmessage = function(m) {
    sys.debug('Got message: ' + m);


This supports the send() and onmessage() APIs. The WebSocket object will also emit data events that are node Buffer objects, in case you want to work with something lower-level than strings.


Multiple transports are supported, indicated by the scheme provided to the WebSocket constructor. ws:// is a standard TCP-based Web Socket; ws+unix:// allows connection to a UNIX socket at the given path.