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Call the API.

Command Line

wsd_get [options] [input file...]
    -h, --help    Show help
    -f, --format  Format for output (one of [png, pdf, svg]) [default: "png"]
    -o, --output  Output file (defaults to wsd.[png, pdf, svg])
    -s, --style   Output style (one of: [default, earth, modern-blue, mscgen,
                  omegapple, qsd, rose, roundgreen, napkin])



var wsd = require('websequencediagrams');
var fs = require('fs');
wsd.diagram("Alice->Bob: message", "modern-blue", "png", function(er, buf, typ) {
	if (er) {
	} else {
		console.log("Received MIME type:", typ);
		fs.writeFile("my.png", buf);

.diagram(text, style, output_type, callback)

Takes the text to turn into a diagram, the style name, the output type, and a callback.

Valid output types include "png", "svg", and "pdf".

The callback takes an error, a Buffer, and a MIME type


.styles is an array of all of the currently-known style types.


.root is the URL for the service, which defaults to "". It can be modified to suit your needs.


This code is licensed under the Apache Software License, 2.0

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