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Browser module to detect support for webrtc and extract proper constructors.


A tiny browser module for detecting support for WebRTC and also for extracting the necessary constructors such as PeerConnection, SessionDescription, and IceCandidate.

Suitable for use with browserify/CommonJS on the client.

This tiny module is used by SimpleWebRTC, but obviously can be used by itself.

npm install webrtcsupport

Simply require it and it returns a simple object with support flags and useful support info and normalized constructors for various WebRTC related items.

var webrtcSupport = require('webrtcsupport');
// it returns an object with the following: 
    support: // boolean whether basic WebRTC support exists 
    browserVersion: // integer, browser version 
    supportRTCPeerConnection: // boolean whether basic support for RTCPeerConnection exists 
    supportVp8: // boolean guess whether VP8 is supported by the browser 
    supportGetUserMedia: // boolean whether getUserMedia is supported by the browser 
    supportDataChannel: // boolean whether WebRTC data channels are supported 
    supportWebAudio: // boolean whether WebAudio API is supported 
    supportMediaStream: // boolean whether MediaStream is supported 
    supportScreenSharing: // boolean guess of whether screensharing is supported, 
    prefix: // returns browser prefix (either moz or webkit for now) 
    AudioContext: // the audio context constructor from the web audio API 
    PeerConnection: // constructor for creating a peer connection 
    SessionDescription: // constructor for RTCSessionDescriptions 
    IceCandidate: // constructor for ice candidate 
    MediaStream: // constructor for MediaStreams 
    getUserMedia: // getUserMedia function 


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