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What is this?

A tiny browser module for detecting support for WebRTC and also for extracting the necessary constructors such as PeerConnection, SessionDescription, and IceCandidate.

Suitable for use with browserify/CommonJS on the client.

This tiny module is used by SimpleWebRTC, but obviously can be used by itself.


npm install webrtcsupport

How to use it

Simply require it and it returns a simple object with support flags and useful support info and normalized constructors for various WebRTC related items.

var webrtcSupport = require('webrtcsupport');
// it returns an object with the following: 
    support: // boolean whether basic WebRTC support exists 
    browserVersion: // integer, browser version 
    supportRTCPeerConnection: // boolean whether basic support for RTCPeerConnection exists 
    supportVp8: // boolean guess whether VP8 is supported by the browser 
    supportGetUserMedia: // boolean whether getUserMedia is supported by the browser 
    supportDataChannel: // boolean whether WebRTC data channels are supported 
    supportWebAudio: // boolean whether WebAudio API is supported 
    supportMediaStream: // boolean whether MediaStream is supported 
    supportScreenSharing: // boolean guess of whether screensharing is supported, 
    prefix: // returns browser prefix (either moz or webkit for now) 
    AudioContext: // the audio context constructor from the web audio API 
    PeerConnection: // constructor for creating a peer connection 
    SessionDescription: // constructor for RTCSessionDescriptions 
    IceCandidate: // constructor for ice candidate 
    MediaStream: // constructor for MediaStreams 
    getUserMedia: // getUserMedia function 



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