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npm installnfo


A simple, easy to use node.js module that allows you to interact with the webresolver API.

Getting Started

Get your API key here: https://webresolver.nl/api/plans
Installation: npm install --save webresolver

Example usage

const WebResolver = require('webresolver');
let resolver = new WebResolver("KEY");
resolver.skypeResolve("test123").then(res => {


Here is a list of all the available functions:

Function Description
skypeResolve(str) Get a user's last known IP.
str Skype username
resolveDb(str) Search for IP addresses in the database linked to the username.
str Skype username
ip2skype(str) Get all the Skype usernames linked to a specific IP address.
str IP address
email2skype(str) Get all Skype accounts which are linked to a specific email.
str Email address
skype2email(str) Get all emails linked to a Skype account.
str Skype username
geoIp(str) GeoIP. Supports Domain, IPv4 and IPv6.
str Domain or IP address
dns(str) Get the DNS records from a domain.
str Domain
cloudflare(str) Does a bruteforce on the most common subdomains in order to search for the real IP.
str Domain
phone(str) Looks up information about a specific phone number. (Use international phone format).
str Phone number
screenshot(str) Creates a screenshot of any website/url.
str URL
headers(str) Get the website header information from a domain.
str Domain
whois(str) Get the registration information from a domain.
str URL
ping(str) Shows how long it takes for packets to reach host.
str URL
portscan(str [, number]) Scan a port to check if the port is open or closed on a host.
str URL
[ ,number] (Optional) Scan one specific port
iplogger(str [, str]) Creates a link you can send to anyone to log their IP.
str youtube
isTempEmail(str) Searches through a database with known disposable email servers to check if a domain is disposable.
str Email address
ip2websites(str) Tries to find any websites linked to an IP you entered.
str IP address
domainInfo(str) Get all the information from a domain such as: IP history, subdomains & domain score.
str Domain



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