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    React Lite YouTube Embed

    📺 A faster and cleaner YouTube embed component for React: 1.4kB minified, 699B minified + gzipped

    Port of Paul Irish's Lite YouTube Embed to a React Component. Provide videos with a supercharged focus on visual performance. The gain is not the same as the web component of the original implementation but saves some requests and gives you more control of the embed visual. An "Adaptive Loading" way to handle iframes for YouTube.

    iFrame example


    Use your favorite package manager:

    yarn add react-lite-youtube-embed
    npm install react-lite-youtube-embed -S

    Basic usage

    import React from "react";
    import { render } from "react-dom";
    import { LiteYouTubeEmbed } from "react-lite-youtube-embed";
    const App = () => (
            title="What’s new in Material Design for the web (Chrome Dev Summit 2019)"
    render(<App />, document.getElementById("root"));

    And that's it.

    Pro Usage

    const App = () => (
           id="L2vS_050c-M" // Default none, id of the video or playlist
           adNetwork={true} // Default true, to preconnect or not to doubleclick addresses called by YouTube iframe (the adnetwork from Google)
           playlist={false} // Use  true when your ID be from a playlist
           poster="hqdefault" // Defines the image size to call on first render as poster image. Possible values are "default","mqdefault",  "hqdefault", "sddefault" and "maxresdefault". Default value for this prop is "hqdefault". Please be aware that "sddefault" and "maxresdefault", high resolution images are not always avaialble for every video. See:
           title="YouTube Embed" // a11y, always provide a title for iFrames: Help the web be accessible ;)

    Bring Your Own Styles

    React Lite YouTube Embed is packaged with all original styles from Paul Irish's Lite YouTube Embed but you can customize them as you wish passing as a props.

    const App = () => (
           activeClass="lyt-activated" // Default as "lyt-activated", gives control to wrapper once clicked
           iframeClass="" // Default none, gives control to add a class to iframe element itself
           playerClass="lty-playbtn" // Default as "lty-playbtn" to control player button styles
           wrapperClass="yt-lite" // Default as "yt-lite" for the div wrapping the area, it is the most important class and needs extra attention, please refer to LiteYouTubeEmbed.css for a reference.


    Please feel free to open an issue!


    Pull requests are welcome. For major changes, please open an issue first to discuss what you would like to change.

    TO DO:

    • Add tests
    • More iframe control


    Paul Irish (paulirish) for Lite YouTube Embed
    Acauã Sperl de Faria (acaua) for code review
    Addy Osmani (addyosmani) for the Adaptive Loading ideas

    See Also

    React Quicklink: Faster subsequent page-loads by prefetching in-viewport links during idle time for React






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