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At the moment this is a CLI tool for stashing a pagespeed insights score for each URL retrieved from a sitemap.

You can install and run the module using the following command:

npm install webperf-monitor -g
webperfmonitor -c <Path to config file>.js

An example config file can be found in config/config.sample.js and looks like:

exports.dbURL = {
        host     : 'localhost',
        user     : '<username>',
        password : '<password>',
        port: 8889
exports.dbName = 'webperfmonitor';
exports.sitemapURL = 'http://<URL of your Sitemap>';

To run this as a cron job, try creating a file in /etc/cron.daily/webperf-monitor and add the following (This is still relatively untested):

#! /bin/bash

# Run Web Perf Monitor
sudo npm cache clean
sudo npm update -g

sudo npm install webperf-monitor -g

webperfmonitor -c /code/gauntface-deploy/webperfmonitor-config.js