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Plugin to replace a standard webpack chunkhash with md5.


npm install webpack-md5-hash --save-dev


Just add this plugin as usual.

// webpack.config.js
var WebpackMd5Hash = require('webpack-md5-hash');
module.exports = {
    // ...
    output: {
        chunkFilename: "[chunkhash].[id].chunk.js"
    plugins: [
        new WebpackMd5Hash()


Setup Docker

Generate Docker files

  • Change versions on node and webpack in versions.json
  • Run ./build.js gen_docker to generate files

Run tests

  • Build Docker images docker-compose build
  • Run tests docker-compose up or docker-compose up | grep exited

Run tests for specific environment

Example: you need test code on node v0.12 and webpack v1.8

  • Build image docker-compose build test_n_0.12_w_1.8
  • Run tests docker-compose run --rm test_n_0.12_w_1.8

And now instead of standard value of chunkhash you'll get a md5 based on chunk's modules.