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Simple Web Notifications

Notify simplies the process to create a Web Notification.

var notify = require('notify');
notify("Hello, World!", {
  "body": "This is an example message.",
  "tag": "unique_id",
  // Not applicable for Safair 
  "iconUrl": "notification.gif",
  "onshow": function() {
    console.log("Notification Displayed");
  "onclick": function () {
    console.log("The user clicked on the notification.");
  "onclose": function() {
    console.log("The user ignored the notification.");
  "onerror": function() {
    console.error("Something went wrong with the notification");

Notify supports the following browsers:

  • Chrome 5+
  • Safari 6+

Reference Can I Use

Notify supports Ender. If you don't have Ender, install it, and don't ever look back.

$ npm install ender -g

To include Query in a custom build of Ender you can include it as such:

$ ender build notify[,mod2,mod3,...]

Or add it to an existing Ender installation

$ ender add notify