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webmail4dev is a CLI/service which starts a local smtp server (with no auth) and a web server that displays all emails received by the smtp server, meant for testing environments.

It is meant to be used as an web-based fake mail server for testing applications that send emails, such as SharePoint. Using such a mail server ensures that emails are not sent to real mailboxes, while making it easy for test users to read all outgoing emails at once.

It can be seen as a web alternative to Papercut or smtp4dev.



Requires nodejs 6.X minimum.

For Linux

Install and run the application :

# install the cli globally 
sudo npm install -g webmail4dev
# either run the program in current thread  
# sudo is necessary to open port 25 
sudo webmail4dev
# or if you want to run it as a service, then start it 
sudo webmail4dev --install
sudo service webmail4dev start

For Windows

os-service dependency compiles C++ code during install using node-gyp, which requires python to be installed and it's path to be registered in the node environment. The easiest way to meet these requirements on windows is to install windows-build-tools.

# requires "Run as administrator" prompt 
npm install --global --production windows-build-tools
# install the cli globally 
npm install -g webmail4dev
# either run the program in current thread 
# or if you want to run it as a service 
# requires "Run as administrator" prompt 
webmail4dev --install
net start webmail4dev


Run this command to see a list of all available options:

webmail4dev --help