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    This is a client for webdriverio-server. If you don't have a server to test against. Go figure that out first.

    Setting up your project for e2e testing

    1. Install webdriverio-client in your project:

      npm install webdriverio-client --save-dev
    2. Create the directory structure required for the e2e tests, screenshots and jasmine config file.

      mkdir -p tests/e2e/screenshots
    3. Create tests/e2e/jasmine.json and add the following...

          "spec_dir": "tests",
          "spec_files": [
    4. Create a test. Now, we are ready to create an e2e test. Create tests/e2e/main-spec.js and paste the following...

      var webdriverio = require('webdriverio');
      var webdrivercss = require('webdrivercss');
      var testUtils = require('../../testUtils/utils').e2e
      var testConfig = require('./test-config.json');
      var url = testUtils.getUrl(testConfig);
      var NORMAL_VIEWPORT_WIDTH = 1280;
      describe('myapp e2e tests using ' + url, function () {
          var client, commonScreenshots;
          jasmine.DEFAULT_TIMEOUT_INTERVAL = 9999999;
          beforeEach(function () {
              commonScreenshots = {
                  name: 'content',
                  elem: 'html',
              client = testUtils.init(webdriverio, webdrivercss, testConfig);
                  .setViewportSize({width: NORMAL_VIEWPORT_WIDTH, height: NORMAL_VIEWPORT_HEIGHT})
          afterEach(function (done) {
          it('main-page renders appropriately', function (done) {
                  .verifyScreenshots('main-page', [commonScreenshots], function () {
    5. Build your app into the dist/ directory. Your app should build all its assets into a single directory. You should be able to run an http server in this directory and see the entire app. Perhaps your app builds into a different directory. If so, copy all the build artifacts into dist/ for now. If your application has a mode in which it can run using test data only, build the app in this mode.

    6. Test it out:

      $ webdriverio-client local_e2e_test dist tests/e2e
      DOCKER_CONTAINER: 15d2c2312f0e
      DOCKER_PORT: 32782
      Removing everything but *.baseline.png files from tests/e2e/screenshots
      webdriver server : localhost:32782
      isApp is :false
      Submitting bundle to localhost:32782 for test...
      Running command: curl -s -F "tarball=@test.tar.gz" -F "entry-point=dist/" -F "tests-folder=tests/e2e" localhost:32782/
      TIMESTAMP: 1482282334
      Waiting 10s before checking
      Checking for results...
      Checking for results...
      Parsing results...
      -INPUT VARIABLES---------------
      tarball: test.tar.1482282333713.gz
      entry-point: dist/
      timestamp: 1482282334
      Processing test.tar.1482282333713.gz...
      set -e
      set -u
      + TARBALL=test.tar.1482282333713.gz
      + ENTRY_POINT=dist/
      + TIMESTAMP=1482282334
      + TESTS_FOLDER=tests/e2e
      + TEST_CONFIG=tests/e2e/test-config.json
      + NODE_SPECS=tests/e2e
      echo '-INPUT VARIABLES---------------'
      echo tarball: test.tar.1482282333713.gz
      echo entry-point: dist/
      echo timestamp: 1482282334
      echo -------------------------------
      cd /opt/node-envs/6.9.2/lib/node_modules/webdriverio-server/src/..
      echo Processing test.tar.1482282333713.gz...
      + mkdir build-1482282334
      + ln -s ../build/node_modules build-1482282334/node_modules
      + ln -s ../testUtils build-1482282334/testUtils
      cd build-1482282334
      + tar -xzf ../uploads/test.tar.1482282333713.gz
      + testIt
      echo Testing...
      ++ getOpenPort
      ++ perl -MSocket -le 'socket S, PF_INET, SOCK_STREAM,getprotobyname("tcp"); $$port = int(rand(1080))+1080; ++$$port until bind S, sockaddr_in($$port,inet_aton("127.1")); print $$port'
      + HTTP_PORT=1383
      ++ lsof -t -i:1383
      echo ''
      ++ pwd
      + CURRENT_DIR=/opt/node-envs/6.9.2/lib/node_modules/webdriverio-server/build-1482282334
      cd dist/
      + waitForPort 1383
      + grep -v 1383
      + /opt/node-envs/6.9.2/lib/node_modules/webdriverio-server/build-1482282334/node_modules/.bin/http-server -s -c-1 -p 1383
      ++ lsof -iTCP -sTCP:LISTEN -P
      COMMAND PID USER FD TYPE DEVICE SIZE/OFF NODE NAME node 42 root 10u IPv6 96480 0t0 TCP *:3001 (LISTEN)
      + sleep 1
      + grep -v 1383
      ++ lsof -iTCP -sTCP:LISTEN -P
      cd /opt/node-envs/6.9.2/lib/node_modules/webdriverio-server/build-1482282334
      ++ getOpenPort
      ++ perl -MSocket -le 'socket S, PF_INET, SOCK_STREAM,getprotobyname("tcp"); $$port = int(rand(1080))+1080; ++$$port until bind S, sockaddr_in($$port,inet_aton("127.1")); print $$port'
      + SELENIUM_PORT=2133
      ++ lsof -t -i:2133
      echo ''
      + waitForPort 2133
      + grep -v 2133
      + ./node_modules/.bin/webdriver-manager start --seleniumPort 2133
      ++ lsof -iTCP -sTCP:LISTEN -P
      COMMAND PID USER FD TYPE DEVICE SIZE/OFF NODE NAME node 42 root 10u IPv6 96480 0t0 TCP *:3001 (LISTEN) node 65 root 10u IPv4 97447 0t0 TCP *:1383 (LISTEN)
      + sleep 1
      + grep -v 2133
      ++ lsof -iTCP -sTCP:LISTEN -P
      + ../bin/replace.js tests/e2e/test-config.json selenium.port:2133 http.port:1383 http.entryPoint:/
      echo 'Running jasmine tests with http port 1383 and selenium port 2133'
      + TEST_STATUS=0
      + ./node_modules/.bin/jasmine JASMINE_CONFIG_PATH=tests/e2e/jasmine.json
      Running jasmine tests with http port 1383 and selenium port 2133
      (node:120) DeprecationWarning: 'GLOBAL' is deprecated, use 'global'
      1 spec, 0 failures
      Finished in 8.64 seconds
      ++ lsof -t -i:1383
      kill 65
      ++ lsof -t -i:2133
      kill 88
      + tar -cf ../screenshots/1482282334.tar tests/e2e/screenshots
      cd /opt/node-envs/6.9.2/lib/node_modules/webdriverio-server/src/..
      + rm -rf build-1482282334
      exit 0
      Screenshots directory updated with results from server.
      Tests Pass.
      Reverting any changes in tests/e2e/screenshots
      error: pathspec 'tests/e2e/screenshots' did not match any file(s) known to git.
      Not using git

      The first argument to webdriverio-server, local_e2e_test runs tests on a docker container attached to this system (the other option is remote_e2e_test; if you choose this option, the next argument needs to be name:port of the server to send your dist and tests/e2e directories to). The last arguments tell where the built files are and where the test files are, respectively.

    7. Take a look at the screenshot file that was created in the tests/e2e/screenshots directory.

    8. Add some script shortcuts for e2e testing. Edit package.json and add the following two commands to the scripts section (create the scripts sections if its missing):

          "local-e2e-test": "wdio-client local_e2e_test dist tests/e2e",
          "update-screenshots": "wdio-client update_screenshots"

    Also, add the following to .gitignore...


    Since this test executes on the webdriverio-server, the dependencies only need to be installed on the server machine (they are, when using the webdriverio-server). So we don't need to worry about all the requires at the top.

    Running the tests

    To execute e2e tests...

    npm run e2e-test

    If tests fail because of a mismatch in screenshots, you can inspect the differences by checking out the images in tests/e2e/screenshots/diff.

    If the new screenshots are accurate, you can update your reference screenshots by running

    npm run update-screenshots


    npm i webdriverio-client

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