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A selenium server and browser driver manager for your end to end tests. This is the same tool as webdriver-manager from the Protractor repository.

Note: Version 9 and lower please reference pose/webdriver-manager. If there are features that existed in version 9 and lower, please open up an issue with the missing feature or a create a pull request.

Getting Started

npm install -g webdriver-manager

Setting up a Selenium Server

Prior to starting the selenium server, download the selenium server jar and driver binaries. By default it will download the selenium server jar and chromedriver binary.

webdriver-manager update

Starting the Selenium Server

By default, the selenium server will run on http://localhost:4444/wd/hub.

webdriver-manager start

Other useful commands

View different versions of server and driver files:

webdriver-manager status

Clear out the server and driver files. If webdriver-manager start does not work, try to clear out the saved files.

webdriver-manager clean

Running / stopping server in background process (stopping is not yet supported on standalone server 3.x.x):

webdriver-manager start --detach
webdriver-manager shutdown

Other topics: