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    A selenium server and browser driver manager for your end to end tests. This is the same tool as webdriver-manager from the Protractor repository.

    Note: Version 9 and lower please reference pose/webdriver-manager. If there are features that existed in version 9 and lower, please open up an issue with the missing feature or a create a pull request.

    Getting Started

    npm install -g webdriver-manager

    Setting up a Selenium Server

    Prior to starting the selenium server, download the selenium server jar and driver binaries. By default it will download the selenium server jar and chromedriver binary.

    webdriver-manager update

    Starting the Selenium Server

    By default, the selenium server will run on http://localhost:4444/wd/hub.

    webdriver-manager start

    Other useful commands

    View different versions of server and driver files:

    webdriver-manager status

    Clear out the server and driver files. If webdriver-manager start does not work, try to clear out the saved files.

    webdriver-manager clean

    Running / stopping server in background process (stopping is not yet supported on standalone server 3.x.x):

    webdriver-manager start --detach
    webdriver-manager shutdown

    Help commands

    Wedriver-manager has a main help option: webdriver-manager help. There are also other built in help menus for each of the commands. So for example, if you would like to look up all the flag options you can set in update, you could run webdriver-manager update help.

    Here are a list of all the commands with help:

    webdriver-manager update help
    webdriver-manager start help
    webdriver-manager clean help
    webdriver-manager status help

    Other topics:


    npm i webdriver-manager

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