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    Implementation of web3 protocol


    WEB3 Wallet


    npm i web3t


    • Web3t is open source free covered by test library available for everyone and can be used to build an exchange, wallet and other crypto systems.
    • Opened Standard. Everyone can contribute to add his coin.
    • Used by WEB3 Wallet
    • Partially Compatible with WEB3 Wallet
    • Compatible with MetaMask Web3 Standard for Ethereum


    • BTC (Bitcoin)
    • LTC (Litecoin)
    • ETH (Ethereum)
    • DASH
    • XEM (NEM)
    • XRP (Ripple)
    • [ANY_COIN]

    Init Builder

    var buildWeb3t = require('web3t');

    Build Testnet

    Just pass the testnet word into constructor.

    function testnet(err, web3t) {
    buildWeb3t("testnet", testnet);

    There are other advanced possible ways to build the web3 object for case when you need to define a special testnet. It is useful for case when you have a lot of faucets of special testnet and write unit tests.

    function testnet(err, web3t) {
    buildWeb3t("testnet, ropsten for eth", testnet);


    Build Mainnet

    function mainnet(err, web3t) {
    buildWeb3t("mainnet", mainnet);


    Advanced Builder

    function mainnet(err, web3t) {
    var config = {
       mode: "mainnet"
       plugins: {},
       providers: {}
    buildWeb3t(config, mainnet);


    web3t.eth.sendTransaction({ to, amount }, cb);
    web3t.btc.sendTransaction({ to, amount }, cb);
    web3t.zec.sendTransaction({ to, amount }, cb);
    web3t.[ANY_COIN].sendTransaction({ to, amount }, cb);

    Send All Funds

    Simplified Method to Send All Funds. Wrapper on sendTransaction

    var cb => (err, tx) {
    web3t.[ANY_COIN].sendAllFunds({ to, data }, cb);


    Create Account

    You can create a lot of addresses by providing different index

    var cb => (err, { address, privateKey, publicKey }) {
    web3t.[ANY_COIN].createAccount({ mnemonic, index }, cb);


    Get Balance

    Get Balance by account object ({ address, privateKey }) Usually it does not need the private key but coins like monero needs decrypt data to read the balance

      var cb => (err, balance) {
      web3t.[ANY_COIN].getBalance({ account }, cb);


    Get History of Transactions

    List of all transactions. Same result structure for all coins

      var cb => (err, transactions) {
      web3t.[ANY_COIN].getHistory({ account }, cb);


    Calc Fee

    You need to define the default fee in plugin but for NEM, Monero and other coins you need to calculate the fee

      var cb => (err, amountFee) {
      web3t.[ANY_COIN].calcFee({ account, to, amount, data}, cb); // => fee


    Create and Send Transaction

    This transaction consists of create, sign, push transaction

      var cb => (err, receipt) {
      web3t.[ANY_COIN].createTransaction({ account, to, amount, data}, cb); // => tx


    Create and Sign Transaction

    In some cases you need to have the hex of transaction before for some reason before you push it

      var cb => (err, rawtx) {
      web3t.[ANY_COIN].signTransaction({ account, to, amount, data}, cb); // => rawtx


    Broadcast the Signed Transaction

    Push the signed transaction (hex) into blockchain

      var cb => (err, receipt) {
      web3t.[ANY_COIN].pushTransaction(rawtx, cb); // => rawtx



    sendTransaction and getBalance are compatible with WEB3 Wallet

    How to Contibute

    You can find issues but we improve it daily. Please do not judge but help.

    1. Please modify only plugins, providers, package.json
    2. plugin should consists only network information and implements Interfaces/coin-interface.ts
    3. provider should implements Interfaces/protocol-interface.ts
    4. Send a pull request
    5. Any question

    Simple Summary

    The management of different coins should be similar, so that there is no need for each to develop a new infrastructure, and connect it to the existing one


    Web 3.0 is an inclusive set of protocols to provide building blocks for application makers. These building blocks take the place of traditional web technologies like HTTP, AJAX and MySQL, but present a whole new way of creating applications. These technologies give the user strong and verifiable guarantees about the information they are receiving, what information they are giving away, and what they are paying and what they are receiving in return. By empowering users to act for themselves within low-barrier markets, we can ensure censorship and monopolization have fewer places to hide. Consider Web 3.0 to be an executable Magna Carta — “the foundation of the freedom of the individual against the arbitrary authority of the despot.”

    Please read more here article


    There was already implemented solution Web 3.0 in Metamask Wallet and used by dozen of dapps. It is great. But it is available only for ETH. We would like to extend the same protocol for other coins It will help to

    • connect different coins to existent web 2.0
    • quickly create a list of supported crypto currency for exchanges, multicurrency wallets and help new projects get the existing infrastructure instantly and effortlessly
    • develop the cross-chain interface


    Copyright and related rights waived via CC0.


    npm i web3t

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