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Web Session Counter

What do you do if your boss comes up to you and asks "So how many times must a person come to our app before they give us $500?"

As an engineer you might not care, but this is the stuff that keeps your CEO and growth lead and head of product up at night. A business owner that can answer that ūüĎÜ question reliably is god amongst men.

You can use this repo :)

How to use

$ npm install --save web-session-counter
import WebSessionCounter from 'web-session-counter';
// Do this on user activity 
// To get the total count of sessions 
const count = WebSessionCounter.count;

.update() is called automatically every time you import WebSessionCounter. I recommend calling .update(), if you have a single page app that doesn't perform a lot of refreshes. Calling .update frequently, ensures your code will correctly detect every 30 minute period of inactivity.

What is a session

We use the same definition as Google Analytics. The tl;dr is that a new session starts after every:

  • 30 minutes of inactivity
  • midnight
  • utm_campaign query change