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    Web Monetization Video Ads

    Web Monetization Video Ads is a utility that allows you to monetize videos. It uses web monetization when available and loads ads as a fallback.


    npm install web-monetization-video-ads --save

    Set Up and Usage

    The package exposes 3 functions:

    • initVideoMonetizer for monetize the video element using web monetization API.

    • initVideoAdvertizer a wrapper around IMA SDK, used for advertising.

    • initVideoAdsMonetizer includes both of the sub modules to provide web monetization and advertising as a fallback.


    For the bare minimum set up, importinitVideoAdsMonetizer and pass some configurations as follow:

    import { initVideoAdsMonetizer } from "web-monetization-video-ads";
    const paymentPointer = "$your.paymentpointer.com";
    const tagUrl ="your-custom-tag-url";
    const videoElement = document.querySelector("#video-to-monetize");
    const config = {
    	monetizationConfig: {
    	adsConfig: {
    const videoAdvertizer = initVideoAdsMonetizer(config);
    • videoElement The video element you want to monetize. At this moment the library supports just one videoElement per page. You must wrap the video with a container with no other child elements in it. The container is crucial to make your video responsive, please see an example here .
    • monetizationConfig Used by initVideoMonetizer for monetizing.
    • adsConfig Used by initVideoAdvertizer for initializing and loading ads.
    • startAdsTime (default = 4000) Waiting time before attempting to initialize the advertising.
    What it does

    Launches initVideoAdvertizer when document.monetization is not present in the page or if any monetization errors occur. In all other cases it runs initVideoMonetizer.

    The videoElement is paused on every monetizationstop event.

    Sub Modules


    It's main purpose is to start and stop web monetization whenever a video is playing or has been paused.

    import { initVideoMonetizer } from "web-monetization-video-ads";
    const monetizationConfig = {
    		enabled: false,
    		apiUrl: "xxxxxx",
    		verifyEndPoint: "xxxx",
    		createCustomPaymentPointer: true,
    		bodyParsed: true,
    	vanillaCredentials = {
    		enabled: false,
    		clientId: "xxxxxx",
    		clientSecret: "xxxxx",
    	fakeMonetization: {
    		enabled: false,
    		triggerFail: {
    			onStart: false,
    			onProgress: false,
    			timeout: 6000,
    const videoMonetizer = initVideoMonetizer(monetizationConfig);

    This modules includes some functionalities and helper functions for the web monetization.

    • paymentPointer your custom payment pointer
    • receiptVerify it follows the receipt verifier api standards to provide verification.
      • apiUrl (default=$webmonetization.org/api/receipts) your custom verification url
      • verifyEndPoint (default='verify') your custom verification endpoint
      • If createCustomPaymentPointer (default=false) is set to true, it will format the paymentPointer as showed in the web monetization api documentation.
      • If bodyParsed (default=true) is set to true will parse the receipt as an object property of the body call, conversely will pass it as a string.
    • Alternatively to verify receipts you can also use vanilla.so , by enabling vanillaCredentials .
      • clientId your vanilla id
      • clientSecret your vanilla secret key
    • fakeMonetization This can be used to mock web monetization events, when developing or testing.
      • Within triggerFail you can force web monetization error events
        • onStart (default=false) set to true will trigger a monetizationstart-error
        • onProgress (default=false) set to true will trigger monetizationprogress-error
        • timeout (default=6000) for specifying in millisecond when to trigger monetizationprogress-error.
    Further functionalities
    • webMonetizationChecker.js extends the web monetization with the following events listeners:
      • monetizationstart-error uses the same technique in https://testwebmonetization.com/ for detecting when monetization doesn't start after a specific period of time. This is defined by startErrorWaitingTime (default = 8000) .
      • monetizationprogress-error dispatched when monetizationprogress is not occurring after a specifying period of time. This is defined byprogressErrorWatitingTime (default = 6000) .
      • receiptVerification response:
        • Upon success dispatches monetizationreceipt.
        • Upon fail dispatches monetizationreceipt-error .
      • vanillaVerification response returns :
        • Upon success dispatches monetizationproof.
        • Upon fail dispatches monetizationproof-error .
    Example usage
    document.monetization.addEventListener("monetizationstart-error", function(){
    	console.log("Monetization start event not occurred");
    • webMonetizationFaker.js this is the module that mocks web monetization api.

    • webMonetizationHelper.js helper functions to start/stop monetization, retrieve the current payment pointer in the metatag and observe its mutations.


    It initializes and plays the video ads and also exposes stopAds method for stopping them when needed.

    import { initVideoAdvertizer } from "web-monetization-video-ads";
    const adsConfig = {
    const videoAdvertizer = initVideoAdvertizer(adsConfig);
    • tagUrl your custom VAST tag-url.
    • live (default=false) optional settings to repeat an advert after a certain amount of time defined by interval (default=30 sec) .


    • MultiVideos are not yet supported or tested.
    • Ad-blockers are not yet supported or tested.

    Not Supported

    • Not supported for Safari < 10 or IE11
    • On iPhone the video must have a playinsline and muted attributes


    This project uses the following license: MIT License.


    npm i web-monetization-video-ads

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