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Web Code

A node based VSCode like editor. Made for Samsung DeX.

Screenshot of Web Code on DeX


In a Terminal (or Termux for Android)

  • Install node:
apt get update
apt get install nodejs
  • Install web-code
npm install -g web-code
  • Run web-code
web-code ./my-file.js

Using Web Code

You open up web-code in your browser.

go to:

You can change the Web Code port from it's default of 3000 by running PORT=8080 web-code when starting a new instance of the web code daemon.

Web Code will only run a single instance of the server but will reuse this instance for opening additional files and folders.

You can open as many files/folders as you like by running web-code foo.txt and it will use the existing process.


  1. clone this repo
  2. npm install
  3. npm run watch

Your first PR

Try adding an icon for a file format you like in: static/styles/icons.css only a few file formats have been mapped. To corresponding icons from atom file-icons.