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    Project WAN

    A server / toolkit to normalize WeChat articles into plain webpages.


    WeChat has built its own system of social networking, and facilitated their own platform of web publishing. WeChat Public Platforms, are very popular among Chinese netizens, thus we can't miss our audience on WeChat. WeChat articles are basically made with HTML markups, but with very hard limits on external links, embed content and actually you can't interact with this article outside WeChat's ecosystem. With some "WeChat article editors"(e.g. Xiumi.us), most WeChat articles have terrible HTML structures and markups, making it hard to be crawled by search engines and webpage optimizers(like Telegram's Instant View).

    So What?

    This project aims to capture, normalize, purify and serve WeChat articles into standard webpages.

    • Capture: capture the HTML and assets served by WeChat platform.
    • Normalize: Remove poweredby and other useless attributes, unwrap elements which was far too wrapped by elements, etc.
    • Purify(optional): You may need much pure HTML documents. This process reconstruct all elements based on pure content. Only crucial styles will be preserved, like text-align. Decorational widgets & tiny images removed.
    • Serve(optional): You may want to push your WeChat articles to your website, and style them with your website's styles. No problem.


    Hosted: https://laosb.github.io/wan

    For local, See /docs. Or use npm run doc when you tweaked a bit.


    In progress. Don't push me too hard.


    This project itself is licensed under MIT. We don't touch with the content you've extracted by this project. Use this at your own risk.



    npm i wearticle

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