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We.js ;)

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We.js is a extensible node.js MVC framework

For information and documentation see:

This repository (wejs/we) have the We.js CLI code

Status: maintained



How to install?


Test one simple blog project with heroku deploy:

Deploy to Heroku


  • Push we-core, we and generator-wejs to 100% code coverage
  • Create new examples for:
    • Angular.js + We.js
    • Ember.js + We.js
    • React + We.js
    • Vue.js + We.js (improve)
  • Improve the documentation
  • Improve plugins:
    • we-plugin-file
    • we-plugin-passport-jwt
  • Research and develop the We.js CMF with one client side framework. ref
  • Create new examples of deploy in many hosting providers
  • Improve we-core, we and generator-wejs
  • Build one online course about We.js with text, images and gifs.


Have a question, found an error or wants to help?

  • Open a issue
  • Submit a pull request to one subproject:
  • Generate and test one we.js project
  • Hack it! and give feedback, we fix and then we.js becomes more secure ;)
  • Or spread to the world!

And see the file

***If want see or test a We.js live example access: *** 👀

Get suport and help

Donate and help


How to Test

With 'npm test':

npm test

Run selected tests with mocha --grep

mocha test/bootstrap.js test/\*\*/\*.test.js -g '/auth/1/change-password'

Build with:



And thanks to colaborators and node.js community by creating open source modules where everyone can read, learn and reuse.


the MIT license.