Framework for create node.js projects like real time social networks, sites or blogs

We.js ;) beta

For about and examples see: http://wejs.org/

Status: in development


We.js is a node.js framework for create real time applications, sites or blogs!

##We.js features:

Link: http://wejs.org/docs/we/features

#How to install?

Link: http://wejs.org/docs/we/getstarted

Have a question, found an error or wants to help?

  • Open a issue
  • Submit a pull request to one subproject: https://github.com/wejs/
  • Generate and test one we.js project
  • Hack it! and give feedback, we fix and then we.js becomes more secure ;)
  • Or spread to the world!

If want see or test a We.js live example access: http://wejs.org/ :eyes:

Check: https://github.com/wejs?query=plugin

npm test
mocha test/bootstrap.js test/**/*.test.js -g '/auth/1/change-password'
  • Node.js - http://nodejs.org/
  • Expres.js
  • Sequelize
  • Mysql ( by default )
  • Love
  • Team: https://github.com/orgs/wejs/people
  • Contributors: https://github.com/wejs/we/graphs/contributors
  • Sails.js http://sailsjs.org - some logic get from sails.js

And thanks to colaborators, sails.js and node.js community by creating open modules where you can read, learn and reuse

Copyright 2013-2015 Alberto Souza alberto.souza.99@gmail.com and contributors, under the MIT license.